Welcome to Cue Stock

Hello! We are a private owned business. We have been manufacturing shaft wood for cue makers for over 25 years. Same location, western New York USA , a place where you'll find some of the best hard maple in the world. We are cue makers. We understand the needs of cue makers. We start with the log and finish with shaft wood and handle stock for manufacturing cues. All of our hard maple products are sawn in our mill here at Cue Stock. The maple is then kiln dried in one of our vacuum kilns. In addition to our white vacuum dried maple we now have keilwood. Keilwood/Roasted hard maple is processed in our custom built torrification vacuum kiln. Our hard maple products are available in both white and roasted keilwood.

Quarter sawn maple lumber, turning squares, dowels, tapered shafts, radial laminated shafts, radial laminated butts  and finish profile cut shafts are offered in different grades and sizes . 

We ship world wide. No minimum. Check out our grading specs. they are clear and specific.

You can see how we use Cue Stock products here at Dominiak Cues. 


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