Quarter Sawn Hard Maple Lumber

VACUUM KILN DRIED QUARTER SAWN HARD MAPLE LUMBER Ideal for laminated shafts and butts. High growth ring count.   

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Quarter sawn hard maple 1" x 3 1/2" x 30" Quarter sawn hard maple Quarter sawn hard maple 1"x4"x30"
Quarter sawn hard maple 1" x 3 1/2" x 30"Quarter sawn hard maple 1" x 3" x 30"Quarter sawn hard maple 1"x4"x30"

Vacuum kiln dried hard maple lumber. Quarter sawn, straight grain hard maple, no defect.

Straight grain quarter sawn hard maple. 1"x3"x30" Vacuum kiln dried. High growth ring count, no defect.

1" x 4" wide x 30" long Quarter sawn hard maple. Straight grain,no defect.




This is some of the best hard maple we have to offer. Some cue makers prefer to build their laminated cue components. Color will vary from tan to white. Very tight grain, straight no defect. Prices subject to change. Volume discounts available.