Hard maple tapered Shafts

 First cut (from the dowel ) tapered shafts. Pure and natural, no chemicals, no dips, ready to profile. Save time and shipping cost with the taper shaft. Click on the images for tier pricing.

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Tapered shaft- A Tapered shaft- AA Tapered Shaft- AAA
Tapered shaft- ATapered shaft- AATapered Shaft- AAA

A- Grade hard maple tapered shaft. Straight, white, no defect, small amount of grain run off. 5-10 growth rings/inch. Straight taper cut 1" dia. down to .750" dia. x 30" long. 

AA- Grade hard maple tapered shaft. Straight, white, no defect, no grain run off. 8-10 growth rings/inch. Straight taper cut 1" dia. down to .750" dia. x 30" long.

Grade AAA Tapered shaft. High growth ring count. Color may vary from white to tan/red. Our best "custom" grade. No defect, straight grain,perfect texture.Straight taper cut 1" dia. down to .750" x 30" long. 




 From high end custom cues to jump break cues , Cue Stock provides cue makers world wide with quality hard maple shaft wood. This important component for fine cues is available to all cue makers.