Hard maple shafts radial laminated

 Eight piece radial laminated shafts. Straight grained, quarter sawn  hard maple. 30" long , machined 1" down to 3/4". 

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Radial taper - BRadial taper - A Radial taper - AA
Radial laminated hard maple tapered shaft. Eight piece hand built construction using quartersawn hard maple. Some variation in color and grain. Perfect for lower priced cues , jump/break cues , and sneeky pete cues. Straight taper cut 1" dia down to .750" dia. x 30"

Hard maple radial laminated tapered shaft. Eight piece construction. Hand built with straight grain quarter sawn lumber. 

Radial laminated hard maple shaft. Eight piece construction, hand built using the finest hard maple available. High growth ring count, quarter sawn maple is matched for color, texture, and tone. These are the very best laminated shafts we build....




 Made in the USA by American craftsmen since 1999. Finish cut your own custom profile .