Hard Maple-dowels

Beautiful KD hard maple. Old school solid dowels.Click on images for tier pricing ! 

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Dowel-B Dowel-A AA grade hard maple dowels

Grade-B Hard maple dowel. Excellant for repairs, jump cues, break shafts. 5-10 growth ring/inch. Some grain run off, nice texture, small cosmetic defects may be allowed. These are nice , affordable, they make  great cues.

A-Grade hard maple dowel. 1"x30"  straight, white, no defect, small amount of grain run off. 5-10 growth rings/inch.


Grade AA hard maple dowel   1" x 30"   Straight white, no defect, no grain run off,  8-15 growth rings /inch




AAA grade maple dowel

Premium grade hard maple dowel. 1" x 30" straight grain , no defect. 15-30+ growth rings /inch. Custom grade


 30" long 1" diameter hard maple dowels.