Finish cut shafts with your custom profile

 Finish cut hard maple shafts machined to order. Your custom profile/taper is kept on file. One time set up fee.  Same pricing as our standard taper finish cut shafts. We will creat/write your custom CNC profile file to cut your finish shafts.

Finish cut shaft custom profile
Finish cut shaft custom profile

One time set up fee $25.00 We will create a custom profile from your drawing, specs, or pattern shaft example. Your custom profile is available in all grades. We can cut break shaft tapers, jump shaft tapers, carom shaft taper, and any pro taper...


 One of our two CNC machines, both cutting 4 shafts at a time. All our finish cut shafts have been machined numerous times .The amount (dept of cut), feed rates, and number of times the shafts are cut are proprietary. Our shafts stay straight!  We have shafts in various stages/steps of completion. Finish shaft orders are cut from stock that's in process.